The story so far…

Lydia Teasedale is my penname, chosen in reference to two different Marx brothers films.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember – clichéd as that may sound! I remember making up stories before I even knew how to write, so I could never pinpoint a beginning. However, in 2008 I self-published my first book: Secret Smile. This was a collection of short stories and poetry aimed at a teenage audience.

Next was Little Vampire, a children’s book about Dracula’s half-human niece. This was published in 2009, though it was based on a story I’d written when I was ten. Admittedly it did change quite a lot from the original, but it’s still special to me for being the first novel I’d ever really finished writing.

Writers will always tell you that choosing a favourite book or a favourite character is like choosing a favourite child, but the next book I wrote defies both of those sayings. My personal favourite is Check which I published early in 2011, and it features one of my favourite characters I’ve written (his name is Singe – you’ll have to read it to see why I love him!)

Next was Enlighten, published in June 2013. This is another collection of short stories and poetry, but mainly fantasy/sci fi. In September I published the follow-up, Wishes Granted, Reasonable Fees which is, again, short stories and poetry of a mainly fantasy nature. It started as a project I set myself in August, to write one piece of flash fiction a day, so every piece in this book is 1000 words or less. (Note: I have withdrawn these books temporarily, but I will be publishing a volume of short stories in the near future)

In 2015 I published Starving, which is the fictional story of my character April’s struggle with an eating disorder. While this was a fictional story, I took a lot of inspiration from my own experience with anorexia. Also that year I published The Bone Cage, which is a compilation of poetry.