Little Vampire



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Little Vampire is a children’s book about a girl named Jenny, who is the niece of Count Dracula. Her mother is a vampire and her father is human. When her father mysteriously disappears, Jenny’s mother insists on moving to her brother Dracula’s castle.

I came up with the story when I was ten, and started writing immediately with the help of my friend, Michaela. Michaela started drawing the characters, and as soon as she drew Jenny I knew it was perfect. The original story was very different. All the characters were the same (though there were some name changes!), and it did begin almost the same way, but the original story was a lot shorter so I needed a new plot. Once I had decided on the new plot, the book practically wrote itself. Also, there is a second book planned, but I have no idea when I will get round to it.

I started working on the book in autumn 2008, and wrote most of it on my lunch break. I work 9 – 5.30 in an office in Glasgow, so I didn’t have much time to work on it apart from weekends. So on my lunch I’d go along to Starbucks for an hour and get as much work done as I could. (Also thanks to Starbucks Charing Cross branch for putting up with me! And for playing brilliant music!) By February 2009 the first draft was finished and ready to be typed up. (I’m a little old-fashioned I suppose, if I’m writing something new it has to be handwritten first)

So by August 2009 I’d typed up the final draft, and published on Lulu. In September 2011 I decided to revise the book, as I had always been planning to write a sequel but I have now decided to make Little Vampire into a series.

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